Jul 17 2009

Upcoming “Storytelling in Arizona” Dates from StoryRise 2009

We’ve got more StoryRise events happening in 2009. Currently, we’re planning on the third Saturday of every month to be our “regular” night. This year, we decided to use the “National Month of….” as the themes for each Saturday gathering. The featured tellers will be challenged to create the most interesting program of stories based somehow around the month’s theme. The Challenge: Take a theme that might be a bit “beige” and bring it to vibrant life.

2009 Schedule and Themes:

Sept 19:
National Courtesy Month (Relationships done right and some gone wrong.)
With Featured Storyteller Carol Knarr from Indiana.

October 17:
Adopt A Shelter Dog Month (Pooches and pets potpourri.)
With Featured Storyteller Harriet Cole

November 21:
International Drum Month (National Tellabration Night with Stories of Music and Song.)
With Featured Storyteller Elly Reidy.

December 19:
National Calendar Awareness Month (The past, present and the future all around us.)
With Featured Storyteller Liz Warren.