Mar 24 2014

Beauty and the Beast: Performances and Discussion

What are the stories of “Beauty and the Beast?” What do they mean?

Welcome to StoryRise! We had five unique storytellers with diverse backgrounds and with local, national and international experience in telling stories. We turned them loose with the goal of telling a story from the “tale type” of 425C. What does that mean? Five tellers presented “Beauty and the Beast” stories from a variety of cultures and locations such as England, Switzerland, Southwest United States and Nigeria.

Following the great performances, a discussion was held between tellers and audience. YOU can listen in now to the performances and the discussion that followed. Soon, you will be able to read the printed transcript of the discussion, too.

Please visit at this link now to get all the audios and the transcript.

Beauty and the Beast Storytellers Tale Type 425C. One Story, Many Voices March 21, 2014
(L to R)Mark Compton, Elly Reidy, Harriet Cole, Marilyn Omifunke Torres, Sean Buvala

Beauty and the Beast Event Multiple Photos

Beauty and the Beast Team on March 21, 2014

Dec 30 2009

New! Podcast #4 from StoryRise: The Month Brothers

Here’s another free podcast for you. From our live StoryRise event in December 2009, storyteller Liz Warren shares with you the folktale of “The Month Brothers.” You can listen now in .mp3 by clicking this link. Liz is also the director of the South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dec 24 2009

New Podcast: Filling the House

Storyteller Sean Buvala shares a seasonal tale about darkness and light. You can listen in now in .mp3 audio by clicking this link now. Recorded live at the December 2009 StoryRise event. Enjoy. Don’t forget to sign up for our update list by filling out the form over to your right on this page.

tell fairytales to your child Tshirt

Oct 23 2009

The StoryRise Storytelling Podcast is Here! #1

Free audio stories for adults. (Click here for the podcast.) We’re really happy to kick off our new Storyrise podcast. Leading us off is storyteller Sandy Oglesby from Phoenix, AZ. She tells the story of “One Wish,” an Irish folktale with a twisted path and ending. Enjoy. Don’t forget to join us at Storyrise on the 3rd Saturday of each month in the West Valley of the greater Phoenix, AZ area. Sponsored in part by and the DaddyTeller™ Ebook.

More Podcasts will be posted soon. We have a huge backlog of stories to share with you. Subscribe to our updates over there on the right and/or follow us on Twitter at @storyrise.