About StoryRise

StoryRise presents monthly storytelling event for adult audiences. You might call it a variant on a fringe festival here in Arizona featuring some of the best oral storytellers around the state and country. We also sponsor some “Slams” where non-storytellers with a story to tell get to compete for bragging-rights and fun prizes.

Formats for StoryRise:

StoryRise: Small-Biz Story Slam:Our newest entry into our performances is the part contest, part business networking, part noshing version of StoryRise. Entrepreneurial and mostly non-pro storytellers have five minutes to tell their business story (NO Pitching!) around a specific theme- if their name is drawn from the hat. These events are so big that they have their own website! Pop over now and take a look at bizslam.storyrise.com.

And we still have our other very different formats:

StoryRise: Classic: Storytelling performances from one to three performers centered on a specific theme. Usually 60-90 minutes in length. Door costs may or may not apply. Check each event.

StoryRise: Brown Bag: One hour lunch-time concerts with several tellers. Bring your own lunch if you want. Open-to-the-public events are usually free of charge. Also, you can book a private “StoryRise: Brown Bag” for your company or organization if you’d like some fun and different entertainment for your team.

“StoryRise: Brown Bag” and “StoryRise: Classic” are presented by professional storytellers and sometimes includes selected students in college storytelling programs. We’ll be adding some newcomers (maybe you?) who have been trained in the art of oral storytelling. Watch for more information on your chance for training to tell your story.

What Makes “StoryRise Classic” and “StoryRise: Brown Bag” Different?

What makes “StoryRise: Classic” and “StoryRise: Brown Bag” different from all the other “storytelling” events popping up everywhere these days?

First, unlike many of the slam-type storytelling nights (even our own), the “StoryRise: Classic” and “StoryRise: Brown Bag” events are not open-mic presentations. Storytellers have been chosen for these events from pros to trained students. While the content of the stories are not curated, you are coming to an event that has folks with experience in the storytelling process. We love our open-mic slams, but “StoryRise Clasic” is different.

Both StoryRise Classic and Brown-Bag events are a combination of both the new-modern personal storytelling interwoven with the great world tales, folks tales, fairy tales, fables, myths and legends of the world. Come listen into both modern life and world-wisdom that’s been around for centuries. Fairy tales?! What?! Have no fear, StoryRise is an event for adult audiences. Leave the bunny-slippered little ones at home. Your teens will probably do just fine, ‘tho, if you bring them along.

Special Events: Workshops, trainings, unique concert opportunities.

General Information

Leave the Bunny Slippers at home. These performances are intended for adult audiences through mature teens 12 and older. No one will be reading any books or notes here as this is live, happening-now storytelling of classical world-tales or personal events. Although these are not “blue” or “dirty” stories, adult language and situations can be expected. At the “StoryRise: Small Biz Slam,” you may experience stories of more mature language and situations.

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