Dec 15 2015

May 2016! Sea-Glass Storytelling: Improve Your Personal Stories (Workshop)

Sea-Glass Storytelling Workshop
“Creating Great Personal Tales Using the Light of the Folktale.”
May 7, 2016
Tucson, Arizona $0 ($39 Value) Generously Sponsored by the Tucson Tellers of Tales


a picture of sea glassSea Glass: Abandoned, Refined and Recovered.
It wasn’t uncommon, once upon a time, to toss empty bottles out from the boat you were on. Perhaps the toss was 300 years ago as pirates threw empty bottles of rum over the side. Maybe it was glass in a shipwreck where time and erosion ground away the windows and bottles contained within its hold. Maybe it was a beach party half a decade ago where empty soda bottles were tossed into the sea, forever forgoing getting that deposit back. For better or worse, no one thought much of this everyday act.

After time and the action of the sea, smashing the bottles into pieces, wearing away the broken glass, smoothing them into treasures, these shattered pieces of glass become: Sea Glass. From a common-place action of many years ago, now tiny pieces of glass then up to the shore, gleaming and a worthy find of, “oh, look at this!” And sometimes, if you are very lucky in your beach combing, you’ll find some glass with a unique color such as red, purple or teal.

People have made up stories to tell the tale of sea glass. Indeed, the origin of sea glass is simple enough. However, wrap the origin in a tale of unfulfilled love between sailor and mermaid, with the mermaids tears turning into bits of washed-ashore glass…and you have something spectacular.

Sea Glass: The Ordinary Turned Spectacular.
It’s easy to look at sea glass and think, “I can find broken glass anywhere.” Yet, sea glass is different. There is an unknown history. There is the mysterious. Ordinary glass becomes a spectacular jewel.

The Sea Glass of Storytelling: The World Tale.
In the art and tradition of Oral Storytelling (and in the creation of any story), we have our own sea glass: the “World Tale.” That is, the collection of folktales, myths, legends and fairytales passed down through generations. These tales have been tumbled about, polished and spread throughout the earth. Just as with sea glass, what may have started as a simple on-the-spot tales have become shining flashes in our psyche. World tales have stood the test of time because they contain very specific “refractions” that touch the minds and hearts of the listeners even to this day.

Why this workshop?
Storyteller Sean Buvala, the director of and a veteran of nearly 30 years of storytelling leadership, has identified “Three Refractions” that fill world tales (especially folktales) with compelling light, keeping these old stories in our collective minds for generations. Within this workshop, Sean will identify these “Three Refractions” that all good stories have. From there, Sean (and other members of your workshop) will talk you through identifying your own personal tales that carry all three of these refractions. If your goal is to connect with your listeners (to forgo doing narcissistic “onstage therapy” or frustrated story-less stand-up comedy) and really leave your listeners with a tale that impacts, you’ll want to learn Sea-Glass Storytelling crafting.

Your Stories: The Ordinary Turned Spectacular.
For maximum impact, create your stories in the light of the Three Refractions of the world tale. With the good crafting, with the solid techniques wearing away at the surface-level facts to find the core-truth of your story, you can create spectacular moments of storytelling. You will be engaging your audience, letting them see themselves in the refracted light of your story. Your story becomes like those rare pieces of glass. Just find the exceptional moments in your stories: the reds of essential stories, the blues of emotional connection, and the teals of fresh growth that inspires action.

tiny sea glass picture What You Will Learn:

*The Three Refractions you need to take your personal tale from “I don’t get it” to an audience-engaging “That story could change my life.”
*To recognize how good stories can elicit laughter, tears, gasps, inspiration, healing and applause.
*What happens to your story when you don’t include all Three Refractions- and why you sometimes will *want* to leave out one of the Three Refractions.
*How to avoid the shadow areas in personal storytelling. Learn what can go wrong when your personal story is out of balance and how that damages you, your audience and your story.

tiny sea glass picture What You Won’t Learn:

*How to be a morose and serious “artiste” handing down life-lessons to your audience. Ugg.
*The basics of oral storytelling. The workshop is for the experienced storyteller, speaker, presenter and author.
*How to get more events and gigs. Marketing training is not part of this workshop.

tiny sea glass picture Where Will You Use What You Learn?

*Public Performances
*Corporate Settings
*Sacred Settings
*Healing and Counseling
*Story Slams
*Spoken-Word Events

tiny sea glass picture Who Should Attend This Workshop?

*Oral Storytellers
*Public Speakers
*Marketing Teams

tiny sea glass picture When and Where

Our next open workshop for the “Sea Glass Storytelling” process is Saturday, May 7, 2016 Arizona. The workshop doors open at 9:00AM. Workshop begins promptly at 9:30AM will end by 12:30PM.

tiny sea glass picture Cost

Tucson Tellers of Tales is honored to offer this workshop without cost to interested storytellers in Southern Arizona. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a master storyteller.”
Saturday, May 7, 2016
9:30 am to 12:30 pm
The Unscrewed Theater
3244 E Speedway, Tucson, AZ
For more information about Tellers of Tales and to register for this free workshop, please contact Martha McClements (520) 820-6541

Please note that while there is no cost for the workshop, The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group will have a table of books and resources available for purchase. These sales also support the presenter.

tiny sea glass picture Special Note.

This workshop will be recorded via audio and video. It is possible that your face and voice may appear on future internet or print versions of this workshop, if we should create such projects.

Sep 3 2014

CANCELLED! Concert: “First and Last” Storytelling 2015


Get your tickets at first and last storytelling dot com






Saturday, September 26, 2015
7PM. Tickets NO LONGER available.

Homewood Suites Hotel (map/directions)
11450 West Hilton Way
Avondale, AZ 85323

How did you get started? How would you finish? Join us for an evening of storytelling for artists and those who love the performing arts, storytelling and the creative process.

We asked:

What was the very first story you ever told after you finally said to yourself “I am a storyteller!”

If you could never again tell a story, that is, you had only the opportunity to tell one last story, to send it out into the world, what would be your very last story?

We asked two performers with decades of experience to share their answers…and their stories…with you in an evening of intimate storytelling for adult audiences.

Discussion of the stories, the artists and the art follows the storytelling. Stick around and join the conversation. Ticketed event: click here for online ordering.

Our Tellers 2015:

Joyce Story

A storyteller for over 25 years, Joyce Story recently published two books of her original stories, both of which won Global Ebook Awards. The stories in her book, TALES OF THE SONORAN DESERT, reflect her admiration for the folktale and give voice to the plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert, where she has made her home for over three decades.  Joyce shares these and other stories at the White Tank Mountain Regional Park and at other venues both in and out of the state of Arizona.   She is a retired educator with a doctorate in the field of Slavic languages and literatures.

Mark Compton

Mark Compton has been in the Phoenix storytelling scene presenting historical interpretation at the State Capitol Museum and training docents how to use storytelling to enhance the museum experience. Under Mark’s leadership West Side Story Tellers, the venerable storytelling club, has been revived and interesting new directions are being forged in collaboration with the local Phoenix folk music scene.

Created and Hosted by Sean Buvala.

Let’s Explore:

How do you come to your art? Was it accident, planning or progress? Did you choose your first story and your first audience or did it happen to you? Should your world end tomorrow and you had but one last story to share, what story would you share?

This event is open to adults and mature teens. We all love children, but this event is not for them.

Twitter hashtag #firstlaststory.





Our Tellers from 2014:

Glenda Bonin has loved stories and storytelling all her life, but she didn’t start calling herself a storyteller until 1996 when she decided it was time to do something she really wanted to do instead of making a living doing work she didn’t much like. Since taking the plunge as a full-time storyteller, she has been listed as a roster artist in several states, toured the country to present residencies and shows, and is always working on new stories for new audiences. Glenda says she has never been happier than she is today.

With a background in theater since the age of eleven, Mark Goldman has had an extremely eclectic life. He has been (in no particular order) an actor, director, stage manager, speaking coach, magician, mediator, psychodrama therapist, web designer, meeting planner, and chef at a small New York City restaurant/bar. Mark made a decision in January of 2011 to quit his job and focus full-time on storytelling.

Mar 6 2015

Event! One Story-Many Voices

Five Unique Interpretations on the Same Well-Known Fairytale Type!

Join us in Avondale for the next StoryRise Show. If you need ordering assistance, please contact our office at 623-298-4548.

Saturday, March 21, 2014 7PM
Homewood Suites Hotel, Avondale, Arizona

Tickets and Information at:

One Story, Many Voices

Take five unique storytellers with diverse backgrounds and with local, national and international experience in telling stories. Turn them loose to each tackle the same “you only think you know it” fairytale type. Let it blend and percolate and you’ll get the “One Story, Many Voices” evening of right-there-in-front-of-you storytelling. Discussion and conversation follows after the concert.

Come for fun and learning in an entertaining evening.

Students! Come see what you can learn about storytelling as an art form.

Teachers! Be inspired as you watch the ordinary become new again and find application for your classrooms.

Storytellers! Join the discussion afterwards to look at how you might use this process for fresh new ideas of your own.

You! You get to experience a wide variety of the “facets” of a single story-type. A fun and different evening entertainment.

Following the great performances, a discussion will be held between tellers and audience. Let’s explore some stories!

This is our third year of “One Story- Many Voices.” In the past we’ve tackled the “Cinderella” stories and the “Beauty and the Beast” (come listen to last year!) types. This year we’re looking at and talking about….well, you need to come by and participate to find out.

Get your tickets at

About The 2015 Tellers:

Laura Rutherford:
Laura is a Phoenix native and the daughter of 2 storytellers, she likes everything about storytelling including research and performing.She says, “Here as I journey into my 50th year, I am celebrating with as much story as I can get my hands on. Challenged to tell 50 different stories as well as find 50 new stories, I am on a journey that I happily share with you!” This is Laura’s first year being featured at a StoryRise event.

Harriet Cole:
Harriet is a working storyteller who has been performing in the Phoenix area for almost ten years. She provides Boys and Girls Club of Metro Phoenix members with story workshops as well as being a member of the adjunct faculty at both South Mountain and Mesa Community College. Harriet is listed on the current Arizona Commission on the Arts Artists Roster. She is not Norwegian but she has been telling a lot of Norwegian folktales lately.

Clem Condon:
A few years ago I went to South Mountain Community College to listen to stories. I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was a new normal. I took a class, and then another. Then a few more. I realized that I was on my way to a Certificate in Storytelling from The South Mountain Storytelling Institute.” This is Clem’s first year being featured at a StoryRise event.

Joyce Story:
A storyteller for over 25 years, Joyce recently published two books of her original stories. One of her books, TALES OF THE SONORAN DESERT, reflect her admiration for the folktale and give voice to the plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert, where she has made her home for over three decades. Joyce regularly shares these and other stories at the White Tank Mountain Regional Park and at other venues both in and out of the state of Arizona. She is a retired educator with a doctorate in the field of Slavic languages and literatures.

Beauty and the Beast Event Multiple Photos

Scenes from the 2014 Event. See you in 2015!

Mar 4 2015

2015 Season Schedule!

Here are the 2015 shows for StoryRise! All these shows are in Avondale, Arizona, start at 7PM and are intended for adult audiences or mature teens.

March 21: “One Story, Many Voices”

September 26: “First and Last” Storytelling

November 21: “Terrible Holidays”

More info coming soon. Here’s the reminder post-card:

Mar 3 2015

StoryRise at the ArtsHQ in Surprise AZ!


Join us this Friday, March 6th from 6-8pm at the Arts HQ for First Fridays featuring an evening of storytelling for adults. Leave the bunny-slipper little ones home on this one. More than just the expected Irish tales for March, four professional storytellers with international experience share great stories from the cultures across the globe. You’ll hear world tales and personal stories as well.

Sometimes funny, sometimes deep- you’ll have a great time. An event for adults and teens. Presented by the StoryRise as part of their series of ongoing west-valley events.

FREE to attend!

Featuring the storytelling of Sean Buvala, Elly Reidy, Mark Compton and Sandy Oglesby.

Held at the ArtsHQ at:
Arts HQ
16126 N. Civic Center Plaza
Surprise, AZ